The basis of a diligent and timely financial reporting depends upon the application and understanding of the basic accounting principles provided by the US Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). These principles help ensure that all financial and accounting records are prepared with consistency, sincerity, prudence, continuity, reliability, and regularity in mind.

Considering the complex nature of financial reporting, Sapientia LLC ensures clients have complete peace of mind and control when it comes to providing regulators and tax authorities with reliable and timely accounting information. Providing accurate and timely information that is easily verifiable can help increase business reputation, and reduce legal risks and fines.

Sapientia LLC also helps small business owners, and entrepreneurs working in local communities with preparing their first set of financial records. Accurate accounting records and bookkeeping from the beginning can serve as a stepping stone to future growth and business expansion.

Sapientia LLC provides both basic and industry-specific accounting services that include:

  • Bookkeeping,

  • Year-end financial accounts and closing,

  • Bank and Account Reconciliations,

  • Payroll management,

  • Bills payment and tracking,

  • Inventory management,

  • Invoice collection,

  • Accounting Software and Business automation implementation.

Accounting Services

The use of accounting software such as QuickBooks and Xero can be instrumental in preparing quick and reliable financial records for banks and regulators. Reliable and verifiable accounting records can also help make timely tax payments especially for small business owners and entrepreneurs who wish to achieve their dreams of business expansion and growth. The founder of Sapientia LLC, Joshua M. Zorrilla is a certified Pro advisor for both QuickBooks and Xero. Hence, ensuring that all US Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) principles are adhered to when financial statements are prepared.

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