About Us

Sapientia LLC was formed to provide individuals and businesses with highly reliable, respectable, and certified business consulting and accounting services in Northern New Jersey. Sapientia is a Latin word that means “Wisdom”. It highlights our determination to provide clients with an edge through years of experience and collective wisdom across a variety of accounting and business consulting domains. Additionally, with our fluency in Spanish, we can provide the Hispanic communities with exceptional services without the need of a translator.

We take pride in providing specialized advisory services to ensure that all of our clients meet federal and state regulations. Some key services that Sapientia LLC engages in include:

  • Tax planning and preparation,

  • Bookkeeping,

  • Accounting records and software integration,

  • Business registration,

  • Business automation,

  • Business consulting projects.

We have years of experience working in a variety of sectors including transportation, financial services (broker/dealer), auto dealerships, Not for Profit entities, and small business enterprises that operate in local communities across Northern New Jersey.



Sapientia LLC was formed by Joshua M. Zorrilla in April 2017 bringing together over 15 years of experience in working with corporate America, including financial services, automobile, and medium and large enterprises.

Joshua M. Zorrilla completed his Bachelor of Business Administration (Major in Accounting) from the Seton Hall University. Additionally, he also holds various professional certifications and designations that include Certified Public Accountant (CPA), NFP (not for profit) certificate from the AICPA and the Series 27 from the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). He is also a certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor and a Xero Certified advisor. Joshua M. Zorrilla is also a member of NJ CPA and AICPA Societas.

His knowledge and practical focus on various accounting domains include tax preparation, compliance with state and federal regulation, budgeting, financial reporting and forecasting, policy development and application, financial analysis, oversight of business practices, and deployment of accounting software such as QuickBooks.